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Customer service is open between 11 am and 7 pm Mon-Sat

We are changing our booking confirmation system and it may affect the delivery of game confirmations. Please get back to us if you did not receive your confirmation or if data is inaccurate.



Under new Covid19 regulations escape rooms can stay open with certain capacity limitations! We are opened normal times, but we limit number of games per time slot to 1 in order to have only 1 group of players in our reception area (less than 10 people). In addition, we have increased our hygiene and safety measures in order to reduce possible spread of the virus in our premises.

1. We offer disposable gloves and masks and hand sanitizer at all times.
2. All our staff members wear masks during interactions with customers.
3. We instruct all our customers to wash their hands and sanitize them before they are allowed to enter rooms.
4. We have reduced the maximum games played at the same time to one in order to provide a safe distance between customers.
5. We disinfect rooms between every game, and the entire office every evening.

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Labyrinth Games Room Escape Tampere

The Great Mind The Holy Grail

Satakunnankatu 33, Tampere 33210 Finland


Satakunnankatu 33, Tampere 33210 Finland


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