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Escape rooms in Helsinki

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Several deep mysteries await you; do you have what it takes to solve them? These experiences will stay with you for a long time.

#castle #king arthur #medieval

Escape room The Holy Grail

You as a modern glory hunter have now found the last seen location for the Holy Grail. Will you succeed where others failed? Are you…

High Tec
2-6 Person
#caribbean #davy jones #family

The Flying Dutchman

As you floated by the shipwreck in the sea, you were sure your luck could not get any worse. You did not understand how wrong you were before climbing on the ship that rescued you. A dot grew...

2-5 Person
#electronics #props #turnkeyrooms

Escape Room Production

We produce high end props, decorations and electronics for escape room companies. Also perform turnkey room escape projects. Get in touch...

Escape Rooms from our partner Truescape!

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A group of interns wake up in the abandoned part of the mental hospital and discover that they have been locked for some reason. Why, what happened and...

2-6 Person
#Dr.Zhults #sherlock #tiiminrakennus

Pakohuone The Great Mind

Läpi historian tiede ja uskonto ovat ottaneet yhteen universumin synnystä, ihmisen olemassaolon tarkoituksesta...

2-6 Person


Labyrinth Games Room Escape Tampere

The Great Mind The Holy Grail

Satakunnankatu 33, Tampere 33210 Finland


Satakunnankatu 33, Tampere 33210 Finland


    Labyrinth Room Escape